why stop at one when you can have two?

So Friday night, FarmBoy and I picked up Bernice. She pretty much freaked out. She learned real quick about electric fences, and she hates them. But it didn’t stop her from busting right through it, hot or not. Because of all of the stress, I decided to let her sleep in my sunroom the first night. She hated it.

I was worried that her stress was caused by being alone. She had come from a farm full of goats, her parents, and her siblings. So I peeked at Craig’s List again, and wouldn’t you know it, there was another ADGA doeling available. I inquired, she was still available, so plans were made for a road trip the next day. The 2nd goat was about 3 hours away, so quite a drive.

We pulled into this farm and I was blown away. The first thing I saw was a herd of highland cattle. For those of you who don’t know what a highland cow is, they have very long hair and horns. They look amazing:

I pulled up closer to the house so we could talk to the owner about the goat. FarmBoy went out to the stable to check it out. I was in the car with the dogs. And then the chickens came. Just free ranging throughout the property. Not just one, but an entire flock looking for bugs and bits for breakfast. Just amazing. That is what I want. This was the closest I had been to a chicken with the exception of Molly the Broody Hen (see first post). I didn’t care about the goats anymore, I was focused on chickens.

Until I met Agnes …

She was gorgeous. Beautiful markings. She is a little smaller than Bernice, but still a lap goat size. So now in the matter of 24 hours, I have two goats. Bam, just like that.

And yeah – they both slept in my sunroom that night –

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